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Just got a Nintendo 3DS,and would like to make new friends.


New Member
Hi everyone,
My name is Morgan. (Nicknamed Mistytail on the Nintendo 3DS)
I just got a Nintendo 3DS today,and I am hoping to make new friends on it.
My friend code is 4742-5546-6441
If anyone is interested in adding me,please reply with your friend code.




New Member
Sweet! I'm glad you got one. :)

I shall be your first 3DS friend:

3179 6577 8881 (FC)

Name: Blitz


New Member
Hi Blitz,
Thank you for adding me on the 3DS!
Looking forward to talking to you on there.
Do you play the game Swapnote?


New Member
hi add me plz my FC 0516-8144-4906. I have monster hunter 3ultimate mario tenis open pokemon mustery dungeon gates of infinity super pokemon rumble. i need friends for online games thx

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