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looking for art!


He means Paintings and Statues--and we have to wait until Redd shows up(in his tent) in the Town plaza before we can buy anything...

BTW, if anyone needs help making sure they choose a REAL statue or painting, just ask ME--the Strategy Guide has pics of what they ALL look like--and shows that the fakes do look different (that way you're not wasting bells on fakes)


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One of my folk offered to sell me his art at a rediculous price.. I thought about it but turned it down anyway. Also some folk will give you art if you help them too. I think I might have some pop art up in my room in NL but I'd have to play and see what kind it is. I'd only trade my art for fruit I don't have yet in my town anyway. (@ Samus2008: J00 know why. =p)


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^Yesh you do. ;3 Welp Red is in my town if your interested in coming over and looking at his pieces but it's one art per customer which kinda sux. @.@;


well, we used to only get ONE per visit to Redds in the city on ACCF--but this time we get choices, but with my strategy guide I can make sure we all get REAL pieces, and no fakes--just send me a pic of what Art is available from Redd when he shows up, and I'll verify it for you :D
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