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Looking for help / advice for headphones - microphone


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Sorry for the noob question.

My son has a switch and recently downloaded Fortnite.

Can he use a microphone to chat within the game?
I searched on-line and found headphones with microphone that state they are compatible with the Switch, but a the same time found threads saying only the phone app would work.

Confused dad, all help would be appreciated.


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Oh I'm sure the headphones would work fine. But the mic on it won't. Nintendo made the lovely decision that if you want their chat feature, you have to use your phone for that.

From Nintendo's website:

Instructions on how to invite or join friends using the Nintendo Switch Online app.
With the Nintendo Switch Online app you can also invite friends who have the game to Private Battles, League Battles, Salmon Runs, and Splatfest Battles via social media and other services. When players are invited to a game, they'll get an instant notification on their smart device.

So... You can't even voice chat with friends in any other game outside of Splatoon, so it's sort of useless for any other game really.

I suggest that if your kid wants to play Fotnite with chat to download & play it on either PC or Xbox One. DO NOT PLAY ON PS4 because Sony is blocking cross-platform play on the Switch & Xbox One. source

Good luck!


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Yea, that was a weird decision on Nintendo's part. Kind of annoying when you have a Switch person playing FN and you just know they don't have a mic.

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