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Mega Man 9 OR 10?


Mega Man 9 OR 10?​

Do you have either Mega Man game on WiiWare?

Which one is better?

Discuss the Mega Man WiiWare games Here!

I don't have either one--but would consider getting one of em'
I loved the original Mega Man games on NES/SNES back in the 80's-90's, and was excited when Capcom decided to make DIRECT sequels to the original series


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Mega man 9 would be my favorite of the 2 because of the levels and the inclusion of the first female robot master!


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I haven't really played either game enough to give a fair rating but I would go with 10 because it actually as an easy mode... and I struggle just to get through one world in Mega Man 9.

Maybe I should at least try 10 before being a judge of that though.


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Both are exceptional games.
Megaman 10 has way more content to download though,
such as playing with Bass or Protoman.

Superhero Mode is just over the line...
why add way more difficulty to an already difficult game. (Y)

Plus I like the mini challenges set for the game, including some like:
Beating a level without getting damaged once.
Or beating the entire game shooting less than 500 times from your Buster.

A good buy here.


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I recommend getting 10. It has an easy mode if it gets too hard and you can also play as protoman, Bass too if you buy the dlc for like 200 points.


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Oooh sounds nice. I'll consider it when I come across more Nintendo points to purchase.. And yea I know I can use a credit card but I'm weird I'd rather use Nintendo points. :G


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JamestheFreak said:
I recommend getting 10. It has an easy mode if it gets too hard and you can also play as protoman, Bass too if you buy the dlc for like 200 points.

I don't get the whole thing about "buying" unlockables. Maybe I've just grown up away from paying for that sort of things but it doesn't sound right.


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Yeah it isn't right, things used to be unlockables but now we live in a world of DLC now but its only like $2 but still.
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