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Multiple Copies?


Has anyone ever owned MULTIPLE copies of the same game??

OH Yeah---
I'll try to remember....

PERSONAL RECORD: about 6 copies of MVP Baseball 2005 for GC(saying I got through 4 seasons of the game, over about 6+ years--and burned-out most of my copies from SERIOUS gameplay)

4 copies of Mario Kart 64
4 copies of Madden NFL 2004 for GC

(I've owned about 70 GC games--in total--and counting MULTIPLE copies of quite a few games, bringing my total to about 100 GC games since 2002)


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Currently have...

4 copies of Fighters Megamix for SEGA Saturn
2 copies of F-1 Challenge for SEGA Saturn
2 copies of Virtua Cop 2 for SEGA Saturn
2 copies of Daytona USA for SEGA Saturn
2 copies of SEGA Rally Championship for SEGA Saturn
2 copies of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for SEGA Megadrive
2 copies of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for SEGA Master System

Seeing all of my copies of Fighters Megamix lined up together amuses me for some reason. I really should sell off my spares (my shelves are getting pretty cluttered, after all), but eh, it's nice to have back ups.


I'd say keep the BETTER ones, and sell those in not as good shape...

I always try to find "better" looking copies of some of my GC games--just incase...

PLUS GC games are minidiscs, which aren't NEARLY as sturdy as normal CD/DVD size discs


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I've got 2 copies of Asteroids for the 2600 and 2 or 3 copies of Sonic 2 for the Genesis


technically I have like 4 copies of SMB:
the NES cart
the VC Download
SMB Deluxe for GBC
and SMB on Super Mario Allstars on SNES


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I've got a couple of multiple copies of games myself. The data & disc copy of a few PSN released PS1 titles.

Suikoden 1 (PSN) & PS1 disc
Final Fantasy 7 PSN & PS1 disc
Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions (PSN), PSP & PS1 disc

Other games:

Suikoden 3 (I own 2 copies of the same game)


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Technically we have two copies of Super Paper Mario here at home. Mostly because the first disk stopped reading out of the blue and we never got it fixed so the Nintendo Select version became a birthday present for my siblings.


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I have two copies of Kya Dark Lineage, but only because my first one was stolen, so I bought another one and then the police got the game back along with everything else that was stolen. So now I have two! XD

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