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Need someone to evolve my Gengar!


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I am collecting a lot of Pokemon on Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, but I got a Haunter that needs to be evolved, not today; but sometime soon would be nice. So here's the "plan," I trade you my haunter, it evolves, you trade it back and I'm willing to give you a legendary (Or starter) Pokemon in return for the favor! It'd be a huge help because I really want one on my team with OT as my username, so thanks a bunch!
3DS FC: 5258 - 0832 - 9321
3DS username: Exxod
Pokemon AS username: Tobias

So, just comment your FC and username, do this favor for me and get a free legendary or starter Pokemon!
THANKS! *Edit* I meant to make the title "Need someone to evolve my Haunter." Oops lol!

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