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New To 3DS! :D


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Hello there everyone! Here later today (3-4 hours to be exact) I will be purchasing my first ever 3DSXL along with a few games. I have played on other consoles (ps4,Xbox One, etc.) and tend to enjoy the social aspect of gaming, so I made sure to find a few forums and post on them in hopes of finding a few friends as well as some guidance when it comes to choosing games!

The games I will be getting later on today are:

1.Pokemon: Sapphire Blue
2.Fire Emblem: Awakening
3. Persona Q
4. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy
5. (Open to suggestion)

Games I am TOTALLY getting at a later date:

1. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

I tend to be interested in JRPGS, SRPGS, and any sort of game that can be played with others online! SO do any of you fine people have any suggestions for me? I have heard great things about Rune Factory 4 and I use to play Harvest Moon...so I MAY be getting that as well. Not too sure yet. I am all ears when it comes to suggestions! Thanks in advance for any advice :D

P.S: I will be adding my friend code here later tonight when I actually have the system with me lol.


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Hey! I'm new too! I just got mine last week and I love it :D
I got three games for it so far: Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Heroes of Ruin, and Fantasy Life ^^ Fantasy Life has been my favorite out of the three by far. I'd love to have some people to play with! I only have my wifey as a friend, so I can always use more :)

Have fun playing! I know I am!

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