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Nintendo has finally got it!


New Member
Honestly nintendo has finally found a console design that suits them and that their consumers like and enjoy! On the flip side this is what turned me off to nintendo for the longest. Nintendo has always changed the designs of their consoles and by doing so made it inconsistent to me. Every time the console changed literally they phased out all accesories! Memory cards, pro controllers, games etc could not take any of the stuff that you purchased with you to that next gen console! To be honest I’ve personally racked up a nice tag in accesories and am done doing/ spending that money with nintendo accesories. What i do like is that there is no need for a new console design, the switch is really an excellent design and nintendo needs to keep it but improve on it and not phase out accessories! Alot of things though do dissapoint me about nintendo fans. Too many of us defend nintendo bs like the fact there is no ethernet port built into the dock... theres no excuse for that and i definitley dont see why they didnt make the extra docks you can purchase with them, makes no sense. Second is quality control! I’ve replaced my smash joy cons and smash pro ultimate controller within a damn week and my other two switchs joy cons as well. Very disgraceful seeing how nintendo has been in this industry the longest and still putting out crap! But the manger csm over nighted my controllers since so many broke and it was faulty springs in all controllers and smash ultimate pro was open on the side... So far im happy with the switch and am looking forward to a more powerful switch! As far as console design they nailed it and i hope they stick with this design for a minimum of 10 years so they can focus on bringing new games instead of remakes of 25+ year old games. Mario oddessy is just a mario world n64 with new gift wrappings, zelda lord thats been running to long, mario games tennis, party, luigi bros all been running to damn long, yoshi island, etc most of their first party games are older then us haha! Im only 28 shoot! Thanks for reading input, opinions, disputes all welcomed!

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