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Nintendo Switch UI revealed

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Nintendo has demo'ed the Nintendo Switch in Japan, and elsewhere. During the Treehouse event, they also demo'ed it to journalists, players, and whatnot. The UI has yet to be unveiled publicly on Nintendo's websites or otherwise, but it was shown briefly in a trailer unveiled at the presentation. But some journalists were able to find images, and information about the UI...


Here's the UI, some of the features in the UI are as it follows: Sleep Mode, System Settings, Controllers, Album, and the Nintendo eShop. The tiles above these buttons are proabably the games installed or played. On the top left, is probably the players that have created an account on the system, or logged in players, or players online. On the top right, there's obviously what time it is, WiFi connection, and how much battery is left on the system.

This is all we know about Nintendo Switch's UI until Nintendo Switch's launch day.

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