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Nintendo Switch will beat Xbox and PlayStation


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-_-" Not every one is going to click on that link & read what you posted a link to.

Here's the bulk of what the above poster posted to in it's entirety;

I’ve talked Playstation, Microsoft and now it’s time to see what Nintendo could be doing for E3.
There is a lotta stuff that Nintendo can’t talk about at E3. But at the same time, something that’s kinda been a thing with Nintendo the last couple years is that they don’t really care about E3.
– Up on stage, here at E3, and stepped onto something that looked like a lot like a plastic bathroom scale.- Ahh, I like French food.- At least not to the same extent that a lot of other companies do.

Because they’ve really adopted this more approach of having their own little press conferences consistently throughout the year with Nintendo Directs instead of just relying on one or two big press conferences during major conventions.
Now, that doesn’t mean we aren’t gonna see cool stuff at E3. It just means that, with all the different things that they could talk about, there’s a lot they probably won’t because they’re just gonna save it for another presentation
So, first, let’s talk about some of the big games that they’ve talked about in the past that aren’t quite out yet, so they could be making an appearance at the show.

The first, obvious one, which we know is going to be there, is Super Smash Brothers.

I mean, obviously, that is the biggest game Nintendo is going to be talking about at E3. How much actual hard info we’re going to get on the game we don’t know yet. Whether it’s just a starting cast of characters, the whole cast revealed right away, trailers, gameplay changes, there’s a lot they could talk about. But also a ton they could keep secret about what is definitely gonna be one of the biggest games of 2018.

Now, aside from that one, there are a whole lotta games that we know are in development for the switch,but we have varying levels of information about each one that might make an appearance at the show, including the likes of Bayonetta 3, Metroid Prime 4, Fire Emblem for 2018,a new Yoshi game, Octopath Traveler,which is coming out in July,so that might take a back seat, the new Shin Megami Tensei game port,and, of course no more Heroes 3.

The one game they have talked about before that we are pretty sure is gonna make an appearance, though, is Mario Tennis Aces. That’s a game they’ve been doing a lot of little different little news bits for a while now.

They did the Beta Weekend recently. And the reason we’re pretty sure this is gonna show up and take a good part of the presentation is that of a supposed leak which showed a number of games that would be showing up as part of the presentation. Mario’s Tennis Aces is the one game that we actually knew would probably be talked about. And there was a whole lot of other new stuff that’s pretty interesting if it’s real. Along with Mario Tennis Aces, the other two games that we already kinda know about Monster Hunter Double Cross for Switch, and Starlink.

The most interesting stuff was a lot of third party games making their way to the Switch

The biggest two, by far, being Dragonball Fighters and Fortnite, two games that a lot of people have been demanding to make their way to the Switch. And if this leak is true, turns out they are.
There were a couple of other games listing. Some of them were smaller titles.I think one of the other ones that kinda stands out a little bit Overcooked 2 is happening, which probably won’t be a Switch exclusive, but, considering how fun it is to play on Switch, it’s definitely gonna be one of the better platforms for it.

So that’s a lotta the big stuff and things that we know are gonna be happening at the presentation. Let’s talk a little more about the rumors and kinda unknowns. First off, Pokemon. Now, we just recently had a lot of new information comes out for Pokemon. We have a new game called Pokemon Question the Switch. It’s gonna make its way to phones as well. And, more interestingly, Pokemon Lets Go, Eevee and Pikachu editions coming out for the Switch later this year.
So, we did get a trailer for those, and a reveal of a Pokeball style joy-that can be used with the game.

We got basic info, and they’re already up for pre-order. But, based on how little we actually got, it’s pretty likely that we’ll at least see a little more expanded information during Nintendo’s E3 presentation, or as part of their live stream where maybe they’ll demonstrate a little more of the game. Now, as for potential new reveals at this press conference, one of the biggest rumors going on right now is a new Star Fox game. But not a new mainline Star Fox game, not a traditional style one, but instead a racing game called star Fox Grand Prix. According to the numerous rumors that have been coming out about this game, it is going to be a racing game,which mixes elements from F-Zero, which makes a lotta sense,because the far-future style aesthetic, and Diddy Kong Racing, which I imagine involves maybe a variety of vehicle types and use of power-ups, kind of like in Mario Kart. If true, that’ll be the first original racing game Nintendo’s making for the Switch since Mario Kart was a part of the one Wii U.And it may be the first time we see kind of a new F-Zero game.

I mean, it’s going to be F-Zero, it’s going to be Star Fox, but the idea is probably to use that universe and take all the gameplay that people love about the F-Zero universe and just put them together.
So that’s all the news and rumors that have been coming and flying around for the Switch lately. And of course Nintendo has other platforms, and if or not they’re going to make an appearance at E3, I’m not sure.

I mean, first off, there is the 3Ds, which a lot of people think would be dead by now, but it’s not.I mean, Nintendo keeps having more games come out for it. So, while it’s not going to be a focus at the press conference, it’s possible we might get a game announcement or two for it. It seems like they’re focusing on having some RPGs and the like come out for the system still. And, after all, they did just announce the new Collector’s Edition version of the 2Ds XL, which is that Hylian Shield design. So, they’re still focusing on the system, and maybe they just give it a little bit of time at the show and it’s not focused entirely on the Switch.

Another platform that could make an appearance that a lotta people are talking about is a potential N-64 Classic Edition, which I honestly really doubt. I’m not sure that that’s a thing that exists, and Nintendo is going to release it later this year, I just really doubt that it’s gonna make an appearance at E3.

People were saying the same thing last year about the Super Nintendo Classic, oh I know they’re gonna do it at E3. They did not, and I think that’s true this time, too.I mean, it seems like, for these classic editions, Nintendo is, instead, relying on just having their own news cycle for them. They’ll announce it sometime later in the summer, release it in the holidays, and that’s just gonna keep going on.

Idk, this guy comes off a little to.. Naive to me. I mean Smash & Mario Party are coming out.. But that's all we know so far is releasing this year. The rest of the year I suppose will be filled with Nintendy developed games to fill the void. Cause otherwise I really don't see how Nintendo is going to win over anything when they have nothing to show for it: litterally. I have 1 planned Switch purchase this year that I know of. Other stuff I plan to get for the Xbox One or PS4. Hell a NEW FREE game JUST released for both systems & the Switch got BUBKIS! So yea, don't count the other console guys out yet. I certainly wont.


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Im sorry i bought the smash console for my kidos but heck im not into smash anymore ever since sakurai started telling us every darn detail about the game like he wants to get all the credit and spoil it for everyone. This new smash coming isnt smash bros anymore... its smash and tell bros now. Mario party seems cool but honestley its time for nintendo to bring new stuff to the table. Most of these games have been going 20plus years and honestley as matured nintendo fan im bored of them. i do enjoy new games like bayonetta and xenoblade 2 hopefully they keep it up with new exciting titles.

Definitely cant out the other consoles! I game on my alienware laptop and cant to murder that anthem game coming out next year. Yea i believe the 2ds/3dsxl will be just fine. My 3yr old and 8yrold have their own switch and they do not like taking it with them on the go we all love the new 2dsxl on the go. It’s more comfortable and dont have to worry about dropping it.
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I don't think it is possible, if i talk about the title of this thread. I have not went through the link but in my opinion xbox and playstation are the pioneers that cannot be beaten by nintendo switches.
Just my opinion. :)
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