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Not Looking like an All-Star?



I just saw what I think may be a possible "Nail in the coffin" for Sony's hopeful "saving grace" game--PSASBR.

It looks as if the game's preorders haven't been quite what one would think such a potentially HUGE game. With only three months away from release there have only been 16,696 preorders--and not enough recent help, as in the past week there's only been another 1,139 preorders.

When those numbers are compared to THE LAST OF US, which launches next year--and already has nearly twice the preorders(35,265 so far), what does that say about the pre-hype and immediate attention PSASBR is getting. Not to call out the game, or go into any sort of negative route--but when a game that's being touted as what it MIGHT be(anything close to the popularity of SSBB would be wonderful), it's not looking like it will live up to the hype, possibly.

And apparently Sony will offer a FREE copy of the Vita version of PSASBR to those who buy one for PS3--and there looks to be a bonus for preorders of extra costumes for certain characters.

What does this say for Sony's future--with seemingly a large amount of their focus on dealing with financial downfall, Vita sales an almost non-factor, and now the low hope for PSASBR--one has to be hopeful, really hopeful.




New Member
This game is going to suck and sell horribly, for fΰck sakes they're using Donte from that horrible DmC reboot instead of the Dante everyone loves.


I'm not saying it's going to "suck"--but I AM going to say that it has BIG shoes to fill, if anyone wants to look at the numbers for what Nintendo's SSB series has done over the years.

Even SSBB, which sold 10.79 million copies(best of the series), was GREATLY hyped--but it's not even THAT high on the top-selling Wii games. And I doubt PSASBR will even sell HALF of that total.
(BTW: SSB--5 million, SSBM--7.09 million copies sold respectively)

Not comparing, or trying not to BTW, but PSASBR needs all it can get in terms of well-known characters, and things to bring back the fans they've lost recently.
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