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I have an idea to bring the community together in pirate warriors 4. First of all, They will be tiers like MMA’s weight class based on AOEs. Small, Medium, and Giant tier.
Each tier will represent what type of fights you can participate in, but Small and medium can participate it will be difficult though. Giants will be separated because of how broken they are with their moves covering more distance and good players will have a very hard time to catch up.

As well, there are many variants from Kill matches where two players report and send the last moments of the kill from two different players. Time attack where players complete the game fastest. Special missions where you defeat bosses the fastest.

The goal is map memorization and knowing strats to get KOs while not clashing with stronger players that’s the mindgame.

Thirdly, all tricks from Hack and slashes are allowed when possibilities arise please share, and spread goodwill. My goal is to gain awareness and make an active discord called sad tale to conclude pirate warriors 4 and be the pirate king of all pirate warriors. I hope to get some people interested and contact either at discord at Kuro Shiragami#2386.



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ONE PIECE PW4: Potential for determining the best player and more competitive ideas.​

This is Kuro, this my idea for helping pirate warriors 4 to grow and gain more people, so please critique and help me improve on this.
Summary: Captain is players that are best with that character in most KOs, or bounty, etc.
Eg best Zoro : Kuro_Shiragami or Shiro_Kurozumi
Yonkos: Are players who are the best in particular areas like most KOs, or most bounty.
For example btw not legit but Kuro Shiragami for most KOs.
Captains and Yonkos can change and are interchangeable between players and they're long
lasting ones as well.
Pirate King: The best person in the game in all game modes and that helps grow and brings
positive influences to the community to just genuine want to make Pirate Warriors 4 and
better experience for anyone and its permeant title that'll be known throughout all pirate
warriors communities and something we all should strive for :).
Examples are theoretical, not really so have fun and enjoy pirate warriors 4 my fellow comrades.

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