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Pokemon Black/White Friend Codes List


New Member
If you want my friend code ask me personally. I only really want to play with people I at least kind-of know. If even that.


New Member
Verified Member
I'll have to check mine but I'll only be able to play on weekends when I can go somewhere that there wi-fi will work on my DS. Mine's security type is the wrong kind for the DS.


New Member
My friend code is
4599-6199-6374 and my super Original name (super sarcastic tone) is White.
Oh, plus I have added you all. Plus, I will be using Nintendo Wi-Fi every day.


New Member
Verified Member
Just restarted my Black a few days ago...

Black Code: 4427 8448 0902
White Code: 0175 8423 6115
Using the canon name for female character: Hilda
Don't know if that matters of not, you can put down Vuori if you want to...

Anyhow, I'm adding Goku, Pheonix, Earl! & Keldeo right away. :)

EDIT: Added my White FC (Bought it a few days ago...), same name there... Also added everyone...
My friend code for Black is

0004 1108 9169

Feel free to add me, but please PM me if you do so I can account for who adds me and make sure to add you too.


New Member
i'm looking for some powerful pokemon player give me a shout when anyone read this

white 2 1785-2663-9510

black 2107-8144-5143
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