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Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu / Let's Go Eevee


New Member
Who all's excited for these games?

I'm hesitant based on the changes they've made to battling/catching, but I'll keep an open mind till I see how it actually plays out. My biggest concern revolves around how they will make it more difficult to catch late-game/legendary Pokemon if we're just throwing balls. I also hope I don't *have* to play Pokemon Go to play these games because I lost interest in that app awhile ago.


New Member
I lost intrest in pokemon at 13years old and my kids 8yr old and 3yr old have no ontreat in it at all hahaha! Pokemon just really never got the ball rolling to me. This lets go evee and pikachu reminded of blue version on my gameboy. Time for a change in pokemon. It could be like a skyrim styled game open world, run into a lot of random pokemone that you can see, see some legendary pokemon flying in the sky at night or something, change your clothes, get pokemon clothes etc they really can make it theirs. As long as it does that path crap i wont buy it. If you played one you literally played them all.

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