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I'm posting this here, so we can all point-and-laugh at Sony.

According to, well, the Internet, Sony PS3's "Playstation Network" has been hacked, and as a result, the PSN is down.

What are your thoughts?

I'm LMAO'ing now...:laugh2:

I hate hackers, but you can't really fault them for being able to hack Sony's apparenly "un-secure" network.

This just proves that Nintendo truly IS better off NOT having a service like PSN, or XBOX Live


Friik said:
PSN= PlayStation NotWork.


HA! :laugh2:

I mean, its sucks for people who'd information(Credit Card #'s, ID, etc) can be stolen now--but THATS what happens when Sony's too cheap to have a SECURE Network--and its TOO easy to hack into it.


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FyreeTSG said:
HA! :laugh2:

I mean, its sucks for people who'd information(Credit Card #'s, ID, etc) can be stolen now--but THATS what happens when Sony's too cheap to have a SECURE Network--and its TOO easy to hack into it.

They supposedly have a really high network encryption, so Im pretty sure that they do have a secure network


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Well....I was pretty mad when I found out about this a while ago. I don't get on there as much anymore but, I wanted to check on things and try MK9 online. I was disappointed that I couldn't sign in :thumbsdown:

I just hope they recover soon.


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Ive also heard that some people used a custom firmware that granted them 'developer access' to PSN and they used that and that in turn led to the PSN outrage. But thats just what Ive heard.



well regardless of HOW "Secure" it WAS--it wasn't secure enough...

I really hope Nintendo's NEXT console doesn't have an online server/network...

cause regardless of how "safe" ANYTHING is online, there are ways to get around security programs, codes, etc.--

thats why they're called HACKERS


but I feel like taking a shot at Sony, NOT its customers, but Sony--I mean, for years we Nintendo fans have dealt with people(Sony/Microsoft'ers) saying that Nintendo's online is LAME--cause we have Friend Codes, and don't have a "Network", or Online Gaming Community like THEM...

THIS is why.

Nintendo has enough to deal with from hackers, and Homebrew'ers--last thing they need is to deal with hackers screwing up their servers, and being able to access people's account info such as Credit Card #'s, ID's, etc.

I'd MUCH rather have FC's--can't hack those.
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