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PSN Usernames

Azriel Delacroix

Verified Member
If any of you have a PSN Account, list them and share them here. I am going to sticky this thread for ease of access.

PSN: Azriel_Delacroix


Verified Member
PSN: Pocketim

P.S. Main online games I play are ModNation Racers, WipEout, and LittleBigPlanet.


New Member
Verified Member
PSN Name : Bejaystargoodie
Bro"s PSN Rica27

I play Call of Duty BO
Dead Nation
Naruto Shippuuden 2

Regards, Bejay-star :D


New Member
mine is castrong cuz my last name is castro i hv BO2 and BO plus other if you want to add me please have BO2 i lile that game and you could play zomdies ( town) or (transzit) o me and daylin and zack my 2 best friends on ps3.


New Member
xNo1Hatedx is my psn id...

Games installed atm

No mans sky
BLGOTY Edition
FarCry 5
Move or die
And a few others

Also have tons of others not installed atm

Nintendo X

The Legend
Staff member
I do have a PSN account - CarlosX360.
Sadly I don't have any kind of PlayStation. The last time I did it was a PS2 when I was 4.

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Right now is not the time to buy a PS anything. But you should've bought PS4. It's selling close to PS2 numbers right now.

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