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Risk of getting ban


New Member
Last week i bought a 2nd hand switch lite mainly for monster hunter rise, i created a new account and joined my friend's family membership for cost sharing, then i realized the switch lite 5.5 inch screen is abit small for monster hunter rise, text is small to read, it makes me dizzy, i sold the switch lite, later bought a regular switch and using back my account that i created from switch lite.

My friend told me to beware of used switch because the previous owner might did some illegal activity such as custom firmware or buy games using stolen credit card which will cause the switch to be ban later. Now i abit worry, if the previous owner of switch lite really did some illegal stuff, will my new regular switch getting risk of ban? since i used the account i created from the switch lite on my new switch.

Nintendo X

The Legend
Staff member
Factory reset your used system before going online with your main Nintendo account to see if it happens.

Either that or buy a fresh new Nintendo Switch.
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