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Signature Shops - Guidelines

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Here you can create your own signature image shops to design signatures for members to use in their signature space. If you're not into GFXing, then you can request a signature from any of the shops here that are created. This guide applies to both shop owners and members who request signatures, and explains how the sig shops works here.

For signature shop owners
  • You must have at least 10 posts on the forum to create a shop thread.
  • In your thread, you should post some examples of your work, so people may be interested in your designs.
  • Signature sizes should be no larger than 400 x 150.
  • It is your responsibility to maintain your shop thread. If signature requests start getting backed up, or you simply don't have the time to maintain your shop, then it may be time to close up shop.

For sig shop customers
  • You can make a request for a signature in ONE shop, you cannot make multiple requests in different shops at the same time.
  • Each designer may have their own rules and regulations on how you can request signatures, respect and follow them.
  • Be patient in waiting for your signature to be finished, designing takes time.
  • When your signature is finished, you MUST wear it for at least 7 days. The designers here work hard, and making a signature image for you just so you can change it a day later is a waste of time for the designers.

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