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Sony Looking to Sell US HQ



In what one could call kinda weird gaming news, Sony has announced that they're selling their US Headquarters for a "mere" $1.1 BILLION.

According to Bloomberg, they're hoping after the sale, they'll will net a cool $685 million---which they'd most likely use towards future projects, including the future of the PS Brand.

It's not clear where they'd move their NEW Headquarters to--probably Sunny California, where most of the studios already are.

So, who's buying?




I won't say "desperate", but maybe a change in venue is what they need

and they will have MORE money to put towards their future projects, which they DO need to focus on...not just Gaming, but their entire company has been suffering bad financial times worldwide....


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Still if they do sell, they'll still have to fork out money for a new place so I'm not too sure the money would go to future projects as much as a new building. It's probably really just for a new site.
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