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Steam ID thread


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Don't use Steam too much, unfortunately the Steam client itself is very buggy on my computer, but regardless, if you want to add me:


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I'm rarely on steam myself; but feel free to add me on there if you'd like:


New Member
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Steam Bejaystar

I dont have steam on my pc becouse its too slow
Im gonna download it about 1 or 2 Months

Regards, Bejay-star


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Mine is xtreme_theonefromtec unfortunately... wish it could be changed...

You can probably find me with VuoriLiikaluoma as well... But anyways...

Also added everyone.


I'll add some more people on Steam eventually--it's just another program like Skype that I seldom see a reason to use...
and aside from chatting with friends, I don't have a reason to even have Steam saying I don't DL, or play PC games hardly---plus I can chat with my friends here, twitter, FB, or so many other ways


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my steam username is popnmilk. I'm always online, but tell me where you're from in a message if you add me; I'm prone to deleting requests x:
I also do steam trades, if anyone's up for that.


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my steam username is popnmilk. I'm always online, but tell me where you're from in a message if you add me; I'm prone to deleting requests x:
I also do steam trades, if anyone's up for that.
Yep, I do that too but once I figured out that steam had a way to tag/sort your friends into groups it has made things a whole lot easier
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