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Superman 64


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Let's discuss this classic gem here! :)



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Well, how do I put this. The controls look awful, even the Atari Jaguar is embarrassed by it's graphics, the physics are very floaty and awkward, half of the game is just slowly flying through rings with no imagination in level design, and when you're not flying through rings, you're navigating confusingly designed buildings, and being forced to take damage to finish the level, thanks to rooms filled with Kriptonite. The music is dull, nothing has any life to it, there are glitches EVERYWHERE, and the draw distance is laughable.

So, what are you waiting for? GO BUY IT NOW! The N64's killer app!


I need to find this, cause there are some great gameshark codes for it--that actually make the game EASY and PLAYABLE


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This masterpiece is the perfection of gaming, it is leagues ahead of all other games. Nothing can ever top this game not even Mario. This game deserves an 11/10 because 10/10 isn't good enough of a rank for this glorious game that is the pinnacle of high quality gaming.


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I have a new pet theory about Superman 64: it seems horrible to us because that game wasn't made for normal, run-of-the-mill homo sapiens--it was made for super-powered Kryptonians!

If you could see the full electromagnetic spectrum, rather than the small sliver that we mere humans call visible light: the graphics would appear incredible!

If you had superhuman strength, speed, and agility: then the play control would be smooth and the game would be merely mildly challenging, not broken and unplayable!

Come to think of it, Superman 64 gives me a whole new appreciation for Lex Luthor's jealousy of The Man of Steel: it's yet another thing that he can do that we can't! ;)

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