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Switch Forum gets revamped

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I spent a lot of time and money to open the door for SwitchForum.com to move foward. A few days ago, I purchased a skin called "Material." Over the weekend, and today, I spent time, making sure that SwitchForum.com is ready for unveiling soon.

Allow me to give you a first look at the new Switch Forum logo...

This is the look and feel that we're going with going forward. Welcome to SwitchForum 2.0!

You will notice some users having banners on their "Member Card," they're called "covers." To use a cover, go your profile and click an option called "Covers Editor." There, you will be able to edit your cover to spice things up for your profile.

See for yourself...


You can choose to have it blank, stylize it any color listed above, or have an image, which is locked at 2000000 bytes.

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