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The last PC game you played frequently

Thomas Ennis

New Member
At one time, I played most of my games on the PC. As the home consoles progressively improved in technology, I started to shy away from PC games. The reason being, I don't have to put up with hardware conflicts and constant upgrades. Some people prefer the PC to this day.
The last game I played to the extreme on the PC, was probably Diablo 2. I remember playing a lot of Warcraft 2 and Doom as well. Quake was probably next in line when it came to time played. What is the most recent PC game you are currently playing, or played in the past?

Jason Alan

New Member
Verified Member
I got a lot of stuff during the last two Steam sales. Like... a LOT of stuff. I'm in the middle of Doom II (slowly) and am doing low health runs on Cave Story+. Raging over doing Sacred Grounds with 8 health on Normal is in my near future.


New Member
Verified Member
The Assassin's Creed series.
Awesome story, so I spent all my free time playing through the games :)

Great times. Especially for me, because I work full-time, and have very little time for games.
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