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The NEWEST Pokemon? #648


Here's the NEWEST Pokemon, #648(if you're keeping track)...

Her name is Meloetta--

Meloetta has two Formes: Aria is a Normal/Psychic type, while Pirouette Forme is Normal/Fighting, which should result in some interesting strategies. Serebii.net has more facts and figures for eager trainers.



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The design is quite cute, reminds me a bit of Ralts and Gardevoir. I do like Pokémon that have multiple forms too. The musical bar hair is pretty unique. Stats look pretty good as well!


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Yeah, I've heard of it before but it defiantly wasn't released at the time. It's hard to keep Pokemon already built into the game a secret with all these hard-core Pokemon fans these days.


I had NO idea they had that many Pokemon already...

I wonder if 3DS owners will get Meloetta in our Pokedex 3D


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I'm pretty sure I saw this on Serebii already or somewhere else. Is that weird purple legendary pokemon with the canon on its back also an event not shown yet?


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Oh yeah Ive known about this pokemon for a while. Some people hack the ga e to get it put in but I thought the event had already happened. There are two other event pokemon like this that are supposed to come out later one is called Genesect and one other. Look them up if you want.


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I picked up this Pokemon within a month of Black and White's release.
Of course it was with an AR device.

Bad thing about it is, that I can't tranform her into Pirouette form,
Guess it requires the legit event. :confused2:

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