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What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?


New Member
Gaming and catching up on my favourite tv shows. Most of the time I will most likely just play FIFA 17 on the PS4 and that helps waste so much time as you just keeping playing matches over and over again. I will also watch my favourite TV shows - The Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory, Atlanta, The Office. Other times I will just go on the internet and go on forums to talk to people and try to meet some new people


New Member
I enjoy producing music for various purposes like games, parties, dance and anime. I have been doing so for at least a year now and I love doing it.
Sometimes I just watch interviews of entrepreneurs, artists or gaming videos.


New Member
I typically am found spending time with my bestfriend and their family.

Watching movies, TV, swimming, video gaming. These are my general favorite things to be doing.
I am a bit introvert person. I like to spend alone time in which i do the following things,

-Playing Games
-Watching Movies
-Reading books
-Cycling with my headphones on

:D :p


New Member
Growing my cannabis and riding my sport bike. Sometimes i train my 8yr old in martial arts since i’ve done it for 12 years. I homeschool my kids, and we play games together, we def miss halo it was cool beating them with my oldest.

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