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What does the Wii U VC NEED??



As the Wii U Virtual Console slowly takes shape, and takes the focus off (finally) from the Wii's own ATTEMPT at collaborating a collection of what many would say was an overwhelming "C-Average" grade of some of the best Nintendo and top-tier 3rd party titles, thrown together with your lesser-known and lesser-quality titles--WE can now try to think a bit more on what the NEXT Virtual Console library needs to keep itself as fresh and attractive as it can be.

Starting with the games it DESPERATELY needs to include.
Other Systems that should be taken seriously as necessary inclusions into the overall library.
AND what we need to skip over, and never consider falling back to.

More "Players Choice"

A strong start would definitely include the NES and SNES games that got Nintendo through it's first decade+ of success in the mid-80's through mid-90's. Not just your Mario titles(but I'd love to see EVERY Mario game, both local and import)--but the others like STAR FOX, the DKCs, Pokemon(even the GB ones), and KEY 3rd party titles. Those games that gave rise to the Nintendo armory against Sega's in the 1990's.
Throw in a collection of MORE than the 21 N64 games we got on Wii's VC, and pay who you need to Nintendo--but get the rights to bring us some of your BETTER N64 games, 1st or 3rd party. Cause some of us would give a body part or two to have some of the games we were screwed out on.

Skip the Filler

I don't want games that less than 1/4th of Wii or Wii U gamers, Retro fans, and average consumers COMBINED have never heard of. Obscurity is fine, just as long as we're not spending $9 on another Neo Geo 4th-edition Fighter, or a game with Talking veggies. We know you're not giving us a REFUND in anyway---and unless you want to continue to discount DL's, or do demos of ALL games the week before their release, there's a good chance you'll be annoying a whole 'nother generation of potential Downloaders. And we don't need those "Well, another week for VC games, here's a couple games some of you want, but most of you could care less about". Please the MASSES, not just a small collective of a few dozen people.
Don't just release games to meet your quota of RELEASED games! QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!!

Learn from the other DL services

I won't praise other companies often, but I will cheer for the PSN and XBOX live---regardless of their foibles, they DID do a damn better job than Nintendo has done with DL services. Especially XBOX Live Arcade---with some of the BEST Arcade games I've played from the 1990s, many of which would be reason enough for me to buy a 360. But Nintendo can EASILY be right up there, maybe just short of that level, but give us a nice array of the BIGGER games. Don't forget Nintendo, but quite a few of those early 90's Arcade games WERE ported to one of more of the Virtual Console library systems---NES, SNES, Sega---and unless I'm completely missing something, You've forgotten that as well.

But I'll rest for now, and see if anyone else has thoughts on what the VC needs on Wii U.



(well, we can't talk about emulators here, and illegal DL'ing is against site rules)

SO what do you think the Wii U VC needs to prove Nintendo's learned from the basic "failure" that the Wii's VC slowly trickled into--


New Member
There is a site where emulators are not illegal, because they are the actual game off of someone's cartridge or disc that they are lending to you. Find that and you are aces on your retro games. Really though, I have decided, unless the game is remastered, I'll just go there for my games. The only reason I would buy a retro game is if I own the original system and found the cart.


i'm not condoning people who choose to emulate games, BUT this is about Wii U VC, and WHAT the Wii U eShop needs to have in it to be successful, saying the Wii's VC was pretty much a waste of time for it's last few years...

and I'm with you on owning the ACTUAL cart for the system as well---and I don't like DIGITAL copies of games really(but that's OFF TOPIC)

Asking the question:

What does the Wii U VC NEED??

What games SHOULD be released on the Wii U VC?
What OTHER Systems should get their libraries included?
What should they all-together AVOID??

Yami Yugi

Verified Member
I think what the Wii U VC needs is for the BIG games to be sold for cheaper then they're being sold in the stores. Nintendo wants every one to download their games; yet they aren't giving any one incentives [such as cheaper prices] in order to do so. Like say for example with Steam; Steam has a Steam sale where games can be obtained for a lot cheaper then you could obtain them in stores. So why shouldn't Nintendo do the same thing & have a Nintendo whole sale that way they sell a bunch of games at once for a cheap price and every one wins in the end.

As for other system games coming to the Wii U? I'd like to ask SEGA to release their Dreamcast as a VC lineup for myself, & a few friends of mine. :p
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