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What GFX Did You Last Make?


What GFX Did YOU Last Make?

Post a pic--or just tell us about your latest GFX project!!

I'm currently working on another animation...

and my last GFX pic was:


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Verified Member
Some custom member bars I made for myself as of late:

Lady Queen Pokemon Trainer:

Lady Queen Chibi Sailor Jupiter:

Lady Queen Chibster Sailor Moon:

I also finished SirLavos' request for an avatar and signature as well as the July gifts which I won't post until they are unveiled.



So far this is all I've done for the moment. :3


New Member
@ queenzelda: Cool! I like the multicolored Yoshi member bar's. :D

@ bejay: The zombie is very good! I love how it looks like it's about to jump out and eat my brains. xD -hides-

@ Fyree: Nice animated works Fyree. :D
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