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What is up my homies!

Azriel Delacroix

Verified Member
How y'all doing in Trump's America?

Me? I'm surviving.

I've become a Certified Nursing Assistant, been so for near six months now and have seen a lot of crazy shit.

Like just my last work week, three people died, three have fallen (Falls and Fall Risks are big no-nos), and I'm going up the wall bananas dealing with four Alzheimer's Patients who are themselves fall risks.

I've seen the face of death many times, have stood-by for CPR, saw what Stage 4 Cancer does to a human body, dealt with heroine junkies, amputees, the sick and injured, and all manner of other fun times.

I'm amazed I'm not an alcoholic yet. Many of my co-workers are chain smokers (cigarettes) due to the shit we deal with.

I also work Night Shift, which means I don't get much time for socializing and I'm always low on sleep.


Side note, also taking up the violin. It's a pretty sweet ass instrument.

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