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What is your favorite game?


New Member
What is your favorite game and why is it so?

My favorite game in Inazua Eleven Sekai e no Chousen, which is a soccer game based on the anime Inazuma eleven.
It is purely out of love to my favorite sport soccer.


New Member
My favourite game has to be Grand Theft Auto V. I have always loved cars and driving games so a game where you can do whatever you want and drive a wide variety of cars is always going to be my favourite. I have played every single GTA game out there since Grand Theft Auto 3. Rockstar definitely knows how to make a game but I just wish they would try to put more effort into singleplayer and not always concentrate on making more money from us gamers


New Member
My favorite game of all time is Kingdom Hearts. I love the story line, the graphics, the music, and just the game in general. It's greatness.

But I love call of duty otherwise generally. :)


New Member
Hard choice between borderlands 2 and mw3.. There the games i spent the most hours on and where my fav memories are so :)


New Member
On any system it would be Overwatch, on Nintendo devices I am a big fan of the Pokemon games (I started with pearl when I was 6) but I do remember playing the legend of Starfy quite a bit as a kid.

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