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What Movie did you LAST watch?


CORALINE!!--if you haven't seen it, GO see it!

I love Stop-Motion animation--and it's just a creepy'ish/good movie--
plus it was filmed/animated here in Portland, at LAIKA Studios...


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Yesterday i watched :
Wrath of the titans
Day after tomorrow

Movie freak for life !


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Last film I saw was, A Scanner Darkly.

The film was made in some weird animation style, but it was live too. :confused1:

Keanu Reeves is in there. :confused1:

@ Fyree
I have Coraline but never seen it, I'll have see how creepy it is.


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Just saw Wreck it Ralph, and DAMN! was it a blast of 80's nostalgia on the big screen. Seriously, if you call yourself a retro gamer, or just a gamer in general, GO SEE IT! You will spot so many references to classic 80's arcade games, you'll go nuts! My personal favorite cameos were Q*Bert, Frogger, and Tapper :D


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FyreeTSG said:
CORALINE!!--if you haven't seen it, GO see it!

I love Stop-Motion animation--and it's just a creepy'ish/good movie--
plus it was filmed/animated here in Portland, at LAIKA Studios...

I've been meaning to see Coraline for a while now, i'll get to pirat-- i mean buying it, yeah that's right, soon! :D

*Whew, that was a close one, hope no one thinks i'm a pirate :p


last movie I watched was SONIC THE HEDGEHOG The Movie---which is one of my fave video game movies...and I doubt anyone besides me and Pocketim has seen it


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Now i'm more than stoked to get Wreck it Ralph for 3DS, if and when i get my 3ds XL back from Nintendo :p


I'll see it eventually---need to focus on saving any $$$ i get for new games next week...but I'll see Wreck-It Ralph soon


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Well, I had a 5 hour long plane trip today, so I was watching some DVDs on my laptop, but then the battery died. Not really feeling like gaming, I ended up seeing what in-flight movies were available. I decided to watch The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn.

Now, I must admit I'm not too familiar with the Tintin comics, but I thought this was a pretty fun movie. There were a few things that left me a bit confused (For example, what purpose did the pickpocket have in the movie? I was expecting that plot thread to go somewhere a bit further than *SPOILERS* "he gets caught"), but it was overall a fun adventure with some really good action and a fairly interesting plot. Also holds the record for the most amount of alcohol I've seen in an animated movie!


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Last 2 movies I watched were via netflix. xp I watched: Rugrats Tales from the Crib: Snow White & Rugrats Tales from the Crib: Jack & the bean Stalk.

LOL both movies were funny; even if they both HAD to show Philip showing his butt cheeks. XD
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