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When did you get "Poké'd"?


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I know since I was three because I found one of my note books from when I was only three and I had drawings in there of different kinds of pokemon.


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It was when i was first getting into gamming it was gold version but i bought it used so i had a typhlosion as soon as I started ha it was confusing tho


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It was in 1998 that I got hooked. I was only 8 years old when I first got into playing the games and collecting the cards. Basically, when/shortly after Pokemon was introduced in the US.


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Heerm right after I finished Pokemon Crystal for the GBC. My brother was a HUGE fan LONG before I got into it & right after I caught the legendary beast Suicune; I was hooked. I haven't looked back since.


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Pokemon Red was the first video I got into. I got it as a birthday gift and have been into the series ever since...


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My first was Pokemon Stadium for N64 for my B-day and have been on them since.


I'm so glad I didn't START playing Pokemon back in the day....
I don't think i could handle the more-than-likely ADDICTION that most people end up with
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