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When did YOU Start playing Pokemon?


When did YOU start playing Pokemon games?

Surprisingly, I've never played a FULL Pokemon game....but I plan on getting X or Y when they come out for 3DS


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Red and Blue.

First time I played, I had no idea what to do, I must have restarted the game over every day. :mad1:


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I started with Sapphire, even though Emerald was out at this point. I had previously played a Pokémon game on a friend's GBA, and was left confused. What's so fun about selecting an attack on a menu and then watching a lame effect go over the Pokémon you're fighting? It wasn't until later when I had played Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door that I decided to give it another try when I understood what turn-based fighting is all about.


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I started with Blue at 8 years of age when Pokemon was introduced in the US back in September of '98 (3-4 months after my birthday in June), and since then, I've been completely hooked into the ever-successful and popular franchise.


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I actually started out playing an emulated Pokemon Blue in the computer lab at school. :evilgrin1:
It wasn't until years later I actually got a cartridge version even though I had a gameboy long before.


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I started playing the franchise with Pokemon Sapphire; & even tried Pokemon Yellow personally I didn't like Pokemon Yellow & liked Sapphire better. I've been playing the Pokemon games once I tried Pokemon Blue. :3


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My first was Pokemon Stadium on the N64. I found notebooks from when I was like three with me drawing Pokemon in it. My first actual Pokemon game was Sapphire though.


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Red/Blue were the first games I played but I didn't own them let alone a Gameboy Color. Also played the ROMs for Gold/Silver in Japanese when they came out on the internet then switched to the fan-translated ROMs. The first game I actually owned was Crystal and I played it on a GBC I borrowed from my cousin. A few months later he wanted it back so I went and bought a Gameboy Advance and Yellow.

Now I have:
Black 2
White 2

and pre-order on X and Y.


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Diamond would be a horrible one to start out on seeing it's not as good as the ones before it but it was better than B/W. I will say that I still had fun with Diamond though.


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I started back in like 1999 with Stadium & Yellow on my N64. Since then I've probably poured 4000 hours into these games. The 4th and 5th gen were disappointing to me especially with the heavy abuse of AR in WiFi play and trading. Looking forward to X & Y. :thumbsup:
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