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Where did your User Name come from?


Where did YOUR User Name come from?

FyreeTSG--from the comics I draw, and have been drawing for like 12 years, off-and-on.

"Fyree" is a character of mine--the Main character of my Main Comic series---his name has changed a few times, first he was "Flame", then he became "Windfire"--but "Fyree" is his true name.

Or actually, his full name is Fyree the Flamium Oracle, Seventh Spirit God of T'Roa
--or Fyree the Oracle
---or Fyree the Spirit God
----and finally, just FyreeTSG

OH--and it's pronounced: FEE-RAY


New Member
I am Kitteh :3
It used to be NekoKitteh (which meant Cat cat)
Then I changed it to Pleinair (from disgaea)
But people still called me Kitteh, so I was like "Meh, might as well make it perma" and changed it to Kitteh


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Verified Member
My user name comes from the title of a music track,
had it for quite some time now.
If you ever need to find me somewhere, just type it and I'll pop up (assuming I'm registered on that particular place).


New Member
well my name is James and i just randomly typed this name in when i was registering on a site, newgrounds i think. since then i started using it everywhere because i like how it sounds.


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Verified Member
Well I couldn't really think of a good name so I just used my actual name.


New Member
a username that i have come up with on other sites and like.

The Topher part is a nickname for me that comes from my full name Christopher. The D part is the first letter of my last name. Lastly the 05 part is the year in which i graduated high school, 2005, and plus my favorite number is 5.


New Member
Mine is a commonly used term in football and also comes from blitzkrieg. It serves as my Brawl name as well as my name for a few other games, and a couple of forum sites like this one for example.


New Member
Well Jackit is pretty much been a namesake for me way before I went onto the internet the story of how I came up for that is one day when I was very young I was helping my dad paint rooms and I was pondering thoughts out of bordum. Then for some reason I thought jacket is a pretty cool sounding word. Don't ask why it just was. Since I was such I fail at spelling I thought jacket was spelled with a "i" instead of an "e" but by the time I've realized the difference the name already earned it's special place in my heart. Ever since then I've always used Jackit for the name of my character of the same name and then for games that asked for a name, and then of course the internet.

The K came from back when I first joined what is current known as Nintendo Worlds as Jackitkong. First joining I thought it was a good name because Jackit is a namesake to me and kong shows off my love for the Donkey Kong games. But as time went on I didn't want to be assoiated with Kongs or worst be called kong but I didn't want to just be called Jackit because then people would keep getting me confused with my character Jackit, so I decided to just place a K at the end of Jackit and call myself JackitK.

Why K? Is it because K is the first letter in Kong? Probably, but it was more because it was the coolest sounding letter to go along with Jackit to me...


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My user name comes from Dragon Ball, the main character Son Goku. And my nickname at school is Goku :D


New Member
I usually used 7noel23 as my username for most things but since this site is new, i just have my regular name Noel :D


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My user name came from the love I have of the Legend of Zelda series. The only female I know of that's a main in the series is Princess Zelda but I figure one day eventually she will become Queen Zelda thus: queenzelda is how my user name came into creation.
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