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Where do you get your PC games?


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With PC gaming, you have a lot more options as to where you can get your games from. Are there any places in particular that you generally get your games from?

I mainly get mine from:

EB Games - I very rarely get retail PC games now, unless it's a collectable item, but if I do, EB Games usually has what I want. Not used very often, but worth noting.

Steam - Also not used too often (I don't like their copyright protection system, requiring you to open Steam and log in every time you want to play a game. And since Steam is pretty buggy on my computer, that's not too much fun), but a nice place to get some indie games. Also a nice place to get some classic DOS games (id Software in particular)!

GOG.com - This is where I get most of my games from. A nicely set-up site with a wide selection of classic PC and DOS games, and all for affordable prices (frequent sales help too). Not much else to say other than, it's fantastic!

The Humble Indie Bundles - For those who don't know, the Humble Indie Bundles are when a bunch of indie developers get together and make a bundle of their games, and sell it online. The highlights are...

- You can pay whatever you want. Want to pay $1? Go for it. Want to pay $1,000,000? Sure.

- A fraction of what you pay will go to charity (you can choose how much, even going as far as to give them all the money you payed)

- You get the Windows, Mac, and even the Linux versions of each game, PLUS the soundtracks.

- You can use a code to unlock these games on Steam, but there's also Steam-free versions of these games for download too.

So pretty much, it's perfect for my needs, and I love this service. The bundles are infrequent and only last for a few weeks, but I've made sure to get them whenever they turn up now!

So, where do YOU get your PC games from?


I see quite a few at TARGET and local stores like Office Max and Office Depot...

I'm probably gonna shop around for some that I can FINALLY buy

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