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Which headset to buy for when playing the switch on the tv

Lethal demise

New Member
I am looking at getting a headset for the switch to use when playing on the tv.Any ideas .Would have to be wireless due to our dogs getting caught up on any wires.
TYI A for any advice .


New Member
For me it was a dilemma between buying a new headset and new controller for my Nintendo Switch, recently... but I've chosen a controller Custom Zombie Skulls Controller with an awesome color and great software updates in it, including latest bluetooth version. By the way, I've bought it from the verified partner of Nintendo itself.


New Member
I too am looking for a wireless headset. Did you have any luck? Lots of conflicting info online so I’m hoping someone here has tried and succeeded with this.


New Member
I'm looking aswell, lots of gamers recommend Turtle Beach 450's as not all headphones will work with the switch according to CNET.
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