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Which was your favourite gaming console as a child?


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For me it was Game Boy Advanced. I remember that my mom got me one for one of my birthdays, at first I was like "what's this? it is not food? :(" after a while I started loving it. I remember how I used to play pokemon all day long and one day I forgot to save before the batteries went empty. I was so crazy about that, that I've throw the batteries over the window. Good old times!


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Gameboy adv sp and playstion 1 were my 2 most fav things as a kid n i still own em lol never will get rid of em to many good memories tbh
I'm still a child so PS2 phone tablet iPad switch Wii u Wii game boy advance N64 SNES Xbox 360 Xbox one

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My favorite console was and still are:

- Genesis
- Nintendo 64
- PlayStation 2

I love Super NES, but I really did not spend as much time with it as I could possibly can. Same with PlayStation. I love PS3, but I have a hard time justifying it as a favorite.


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Gameboy Advanced SP will always be my favorite. That's where I was able to play my favorite Pokemon version which is Emerald. Also, I enjoyed a lot of games there as well like F-Zero Climax, Crash Team Nitro, and Castlevania.


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Definitely Gameboy Advanced. The best part of having this handheld console is that I get to play it during long drive or travel with my family.
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