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Why did you choose Nintendo?


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What was it about Nintendo that made you choose it?
For me it was nothing specific or comparison with any other console. I already had Nintendo 3DS which was the best hand held gaming device for me at that time and I was very happy with it and so I chose to stick with Nintendo.


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My last nintendo device was the Nintendo DS. I think the main reason I went with Nintendo was because I had Nintendo devices and consoles before that and I had a good experience with those so I thought the DS would be a good choice. I ended up not being too happy with the DS to be honest as I thought I should have gone with the Sony PSP as it had most of the games that I liked and enjoyed like GTA

Nintendo X

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I started with Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), I've always enjoyed Nintendo's consoles and games, but ever since Nintendo's GameCube failure, I stopped buying Nintendo consoles altogether. One console failure was enough. Nintendo 64 was an amazing console, that had some of the best video games ever launched on a console, but it has the same problem that GameCube had: A prolonged software drought. Some years, you'd go 6 months without a video game release on Nintendo 64, and it continued into GameCube. But part of that has/had to do with Nintendo's fatal mistake in 1992 through 1994. Nintendo wanted Mortal Kombat to be PG, and the players wanted a freakin' Mature game, not some kid's game. That's how Nintendo earned that "kiddie" reputation.

I was always a Genesis guy when Super NES was out. I missed out on a lot of the golden Super NES games, but I caught up to the lineup. Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG, goddamn near perfect conversion of Mortal Kombat II, and more. The console war was so hot, you couldn't even decide who had better games, it was THAT good. But no, Nintendo screwed up with Mortal Kombat, and it's costing them down the line. And here we are, 4/5 consoles later, they're still miraculously alive.

I will eventually get Nintendo Switch, but it's not going to be because of the Third Party support, which Nintendo claims to be "fixing" but I know they're going to screw it up. I'll buy it for Zelda, the eventual Metroid announcement, the eventual Smash Bros. announcement, the eventual F-Zero announcement. And so on. However, that's the problem with Nintendo - they seem to think that the Nintendo franchises will carry them to the next generation. No, it won't.

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