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Why did YOU get an XBOX/360?


Verified Member
Got my Xbox because:

- It's now very cheap, and games are incredibly easy to find. There wouldn't be a better time to get one!
- I don't like to judge systems without having actually used them.
- Two Oddworld games, Jet Set Radio Future, and Panzer Dragoon Orta are exclusive to it.
- Some console ports of PC games I like, but would prefer on a console, like Serious Sam and Morrowind.
- I've played the first Toejam & Earl with a friend a lot, so I wanted to try Toejam & Earl III with him.
- To make the PS3 and SEGA CD look small by comparison!


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I bought my Xbox 360 so I could play Tales of Vasperia essentially. All of the other titles I purchased since buying the console were pretty cheap. I was able to get Fable 2 for $4 and Fable 3 for $5. Not to mention that Xbox 360 games are really cheap used compared to investing in a new game that would cost $60 new comparatively. ^w^


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I actually have both an Xbox 360 & an Xbox One now. I basically got the 360 so I could play Blue Dragon & ended up getting a ton of games for cheap used & got the Xbone so I could play ReCore when it drops in September.
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