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Why do YOU play games?


I don't mean to get philosophical, but I might have to start by saying Video Games CAN be a religious experience.

But in all seriousness, well, SOME seriousness, I have to ask:

WHY do You play video games?

#1 Reason: They're fun!

If you don't get atleast SOME enjoyment from playing Video Games, then you must have a few wires crossed somewhere.

They're a GREAT Escape from the troubles and turmoils in most of our lives---and let's face it, we can ALL use an escape every now and then.

Also, you can vent your frustration from a long day at work/school, by shooting some zombies, or pwning Bowser for the umpteenth-millionth time...


Verified Member
1. Because reality is boring

2. Because when you find something EXCITING in reality, it's too dangerous.

Video games, to me, are their own reality, and this is why I especially enjoy adventure games and 3D platformers. Games where I can fully explore the universe the game takes place in and see what it has to offer. This is one of the main reasons, but it varies for each genre. What got me INTO gaming was the puzzle genre, which I enjoyed for:

1. Being challenged by clever puzzles and level design

2. The satisfaction of finally beating a level, after wracking your brain for a few hours.

I could go on for ages as to other reasons I play games, but then I'd have to give a reason for each genre, and I could be here forever. But of course, there is something else I enjoy about games, a much more simple and broad term.
Never would of guessed it would you, the way games are becoming second jobs now? =P



people who criticize people for playing video games are either old people who grew up watching boring black&white TV---or SUCK at games....


New Member
I love video games because they are an escape from this harsh world that we live in, we can experience something that has never before been seen.
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