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Why don’t you play a Japanese still unknown indie game?


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Hi, we are Onion Games!

Do you know BLACK BIRD?

“Toho Project? Ikaruga? These are not everything! Gamers who love bullet hells, loved shmups before, may love BLACK BIRD!”

There are tons of factors which remind you old Japanese retro shmups such as “Fantasy Zone”, “Twin-Bee” and “Section Z”

To expand this game, it’s supported Chinese(simplified & traditional)!

Please contact us if you want to review this game! (not only people who speak Chinese but everyone)

It sells well in the Japanese market, but not been known well in the Western market yet!

You can reach an ending in several hours, but this game makes you want to play again and again!

It’s absolutely fun, so we want shmup lovers outside of Japan to play BLACK BIRD!


<Lunar New Year Sale!>

<Nintendo Switch>

- Sale Time : Feb. 4 10:00AM to Feb. 11 10:00AM (PT)

*Feb.7 to Feb.14 only in Europe

- Sale start time is different according to region.



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People in U.S. want, love, and is yearning for Japanese games. The problem is that you guys need to market these games to normal audiences. The way to do this is by marketing on YouTube to shmups players. You need to target them squarely, and right on the head. Otherwise, you'll continue to be in obscurity.

Also, get talking with publications like GameSpot, IGN, VG247, etc. Start getting other youtubers involved, too. Let them do the talking for you.

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