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Your first CD?


A question for those who are old enough to remember really...

What was your FIRST CD(Compact Disc) album??

(which is still my favorite CD, cause it has my all-time favorite song: "I'm a Believer")


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Guns N' Roses Greatest Hits was mine, but now I have many and I'm still collecting!!!!!


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Toxicity- System Of A Down
Back in 2005, I was looking for another one of their albums, but no luck.
Came home with that Gem instead. \m/


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Rasmus - Peep

The year was 1996 and i was 9...
A finnish funky rock band. Later days they changed their style to more pop :confused:



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my first actual interest in music let alone first bought album (rubbish tape quality though) was the prodigys 'experience' -i had first seen some of their songs on top of the pops-and i was mesmerised by that style of music otherwise i hated pop music-my sister always had that show on but i can thank her for getting me into what was called rave back then (not what they call rave today).

i then went on to buy 'experience' in the nineties on both CD and 12",i also "borrowed" from my sister- a lot of helter skelter mixtapes and the old ministry of sound CD compilations from pete tong and boy george,and next i bought ministry of sounds 'clubbers guide to trance',mixed by ATB was actualy a decent enough introduction into trance,i bought it the year it got released in 1999 and ive been hooked on trance ever since,and ever since ive collected vinyl.

the types of music im into tends to be either specific to certain areas like chicago house, detroit or german or belgium techno, or otherwise quite obscure,specialist or rare music, its incredibly hard to get hold of the CDs,they often need importing as they never get put on labels over here , and that whacks the prices right up, i do feel sorry for youngsters of today (im 37) who are just introducing themselves to this music and cant find themselves the CDs or the vinyl if theyre lucky enough to have turntables,and its unfair to see people buy up these albums and compilations and then put them all on auction sites at raised prices.

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